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The forgotten wander over every city. They've cut alle bonds with their natural origin and are roaming silently about the streets. Like birds, hiding in corners, dwelling in caves. Their mental labyrinth is the only place left to fly. Only there they can still discover their freedom...


Five dancers locked themselves in for weeks on end in a basement labyrinth of Antwerp, Belgium. It became a dialogue with space ande distant sounds of the city. They awake in the depth of the subconsciousness of urbanized people. 

Consider the birds was a dance-performance-installation. The film of the performance was selected by various festivals at home and abroad.


Concept: Serena Wuytack, Emmanuel Verschueren

Performing choreographers (in order of appearance): Margriet De Haene, Serena Wuytack, Kayoko Minami, Kumiko Idesawa, Jolanda Luijten


Film directed by Robin Vandenbergh & Brecht Vanmeirhaeghe

Film assistance: Fabio Wuytack

Costumes: Emmanuel Verschueren

Technical crew: Erik Willekens, Geert Custers

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